How I Make Money Working Online

I wanted to work from home on computers...and now I do!

If you think it's great to make money working online, you're right! I'm so happy to spend extra time with my kids, who are growing up much faster than I'd like.

Ever since 1999, I've "commuted" to the kitchen table, kitchen counter, a desk in our office, the couch, or even the playroom floor. I've done everything from medical transcription in the wee hours of the morning to designing and maintaining a website for my daughters' dance studio.

I've kept books, answered e-mail, and printed labels. Pretty much anything you can do with a computer, I've managed to turn into some form of revenue.

So how do I make money working online now? I make money with websites. Here's my story...

How it all began...

My training was in finance, but my passion was computers. I managed to combine those interests during my corporate career by bringing my company through the personal computer craze of the early 1990's and the dawn of the internet in the mid-to-late 1990's. When I decided it was time to stay home with my kids and skip the expense of daycare, I naturally decided to look for a position where I could work from home on computers.

I found a local medical transcription company willing to give me on-the-job training in radiology transcription, so as soon as I was ready to go to live, I quit my full-time job. I worked nights while the kids slept, sometimes into the middle of the night, depending on how many reports there were. The income wasn't much (maybe $500 a month), but it gave us that "extra" in our budget to pay down debt and enjoy little luxuries.

You can make money with a website?

Unfortunately, the same fall my husband lost his job, I also lost my transcription post, because the company's contract wasn't renewed. I had to find something else, and fast! I decided to search the internet to learn more about making money working online.

I found Sitesell.com back in early 2003, and downloaded their free "Affiliate Masters Course", a booklet that taught the ins and outs of affiliate marketing on the internet. (You can get your own copy from this Home-Budget-Help.com, here.) I liked the company's style (give more than you get), so I decided to download a free copy of the manual to their main product, an all-in-one website design and hosting package called SiteBuildIt!.

It didn't take me long to realize that SBI! wasn't just a "how-to" on how to build websites; it was a thorough education on how to build an internet business! SBI! was much different than all the other "make money working online" sites out there. They didn't just say it could be done. They walked you through the "how" to do it, step-by-step.

And SBI! wasn't get-rich-quick or "too good to be true". You clearly had to work and put in the effort to learn what needed to be done (they call it BAM--brains and motivation.)

To this day, I still say those two free downloads taught me more about business than my entire four-year degree.

I decided to go for it, buy Site Build It, and begin creating websites. It didn't take long to begin earning some commissions, and before I knew it, I was was earning more than I ever had doing transcription. It was easy to get hooked. It's addicting to make money working online-- even while you're really not working at all (passive income lets you earn commissions while you sleep, or eat, or play with the kids).

A few other make-money-quick and party-plan ventures tanked, but my SBI! site was still chugging along, earning money. Once I saw that content websites worked, and worked consistently in an arena that is constantly changing, I decided to put all my efforts towards building content websites, a business decision I'm grateful for every single morning at 5 a.m., when I commute to my downstairs office!

My WAHM-It! experience

A couple years after I started to make money working online, I was asked to help co-author a free SBI! e-book called "WAHM-IT!", a Sitesell "masters course" just for WAHM's (work-at-home-moms). I worked with a mom from England, one from California, and another from Illinois. It was incredibly fun and rewarding.

I still can't get over the fact that there are moms all over the world who have downloaded this book and built businesses from home. Some have written in with case studies telling Sitesell how the business they launched has completely changed their family's life.

Here's an "I Love SBI!" contest-winning video from one of those moms:

Want a copy of the e-book for yourself? Download it from Home-Budget-Help.com by right-clicking on the link below:

WAHM-IT! e-Book

Of course, it's not just moms who've benefited from building fun websites for income...


There are plenty of dads and college students and retirees and on and on and on... So, if you're like me and you enjoy reading or watching real-life success stories, you'll definitely want to visit these two links and hear from other folks who make money working online by building websites with SBI!, just like me. Many have quit their full-time jobs (or found decent part-time income):

SBI! Case Studies

I Love SBI! Videos

How I make money working online now

Helping write the WAHM-IT! guide inspired me to write my very own e-book detailing the weight-loss journey and strategy my husband and I undertook in 2006.

Not only did I want to help others lose weight with a strategy that works (because it worked for us!), but I also wanted to produce even more passive income, earning money from sales of a book that anyone could download and read any time, night or day. Location doesn't matter. Inventory doesn't matter. The possibilities are endless!

I called the book "Real People Don't Diet" and started selling it in early 2007 via an SBI! site. It continues to generate income for me every day--plus, I have an inbox full of testimonials from people who tell me their lives have changed because they finally lost weight using our non-dieting strategies. It's by far the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

And I've earned upwards of $1000 a week, even while on vacation. So can you make money working online? Short answer: yeah.

Teach yourself, or be taught

Since I bought SBI! in the early days, when the internet was just beginning to really catch on, SBI! has grown and grown. You can still use the Action Guide (that free manual I was telling you about) to teach yourself the ropes and go at your own pace, or you can take advantage of SBI's "distance learning" to help you start your own business.

In 2009 SBI! launched a 12-week e-Learning online computer course. Instructors walk you through using SBI! to choose a website topic and build your website/business. This same course is currently available in colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, such as The Citadel and Penn State.

For a very small tuition fee, you can get yourself started online with SBI!. I'm so excited about it, I've built an entire page dedicated to this online course.

Who doesn't need to begin working on some sort of financial independence these days?

Happiness is...working for yourself

That's what I do--in a nutshell. You wouldn't believe how many times I had to edit this page while writing it, because it was just WAY too long! I always get excited when I talk about SBI! and how I make money working online, because it's changed my life.

People ask me, "What do you do?", and I just chuckle. There's really no way to answer that question in 30 seconds. My life is very full, and my home is filled with happiness. My business is centered around helping people: helping people lose weight, and helping people budget.

In fact, I'm so sure it works, I just started working on a site to help moms learn how to make money working online.

There's really no better way to live!

Site Build It!

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