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Step 1: Understand Zero-Based Budgeting

Our course is based on a concept called "zero-based-budgeting". It sounds complicated, but it's not. Most people learn how to create a budget with the ultimate goal of money left over at the end of the month, and this is where they go wrong. Find out why!

Step 2: Begin Budgeting Money By Paycheck

Creating a household budget based on paychecks versus monthly expenses gives you a better handle on what you actually save and spend. Learn why budgeting money by paycheck makes more sense.

Step 3: Getting Ready

Once you understand zero-based budgeting and paycheck budgeting, it's time to begin making a budget. Here's how you get started.

Step 4: Income First

Now you have a good understanding as to how zero-based budgeting works, and why budgeting by paycheck is optimal for matching income to expenses. You've carved out space to work and gathered your supplies. Now, it's time to begin creating a household budget, beginning with the best part--your income!

Step 5: Figuring Expenses

Here's your chance to get yourself back in the black, or even more in the green! Everyone has the opportunity to exercise control over their expenses when creating a budget. Let us show you how to get your spending in line with your income.

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