Black Friday Ads

It used to be that no one could see Black Friday ads until they appeared in the Thanksgiving Day newspapers. Not anymore!

Black Friday Strategies

Stores have begun opening earlier, sometimes at midnight on Black Friday (we had a near-riot at our local Toys-R-Us on Thanksgiving night in 2009). You'll have to take time to prepare, and plan on getting out early, probably while it's still dark.

Also keep in mind that retailers may combine their Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, so shop early to make sure you're able to get what's advertised. Begin looking for online deals the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at Black Friday websites. Check to see whether deals last through Cyber Monday. If they do, try to get to the store before Cyber Monday. Otherwise, you might show up on Monday and miss out on great deals because the retailers are "out of stock".

Black Friday Ads - Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

To get the competitive edge, retailers are leaking deals to established sites that promote Black Friday ads. Listed below are some of the sites that have the skinny.

If you don't feel like visiting the stores, try to take advantage of online deals, which may begin at midnight. But be careful--those items can sell out fast! Enlist a team of computers or laptops and online shoppers. Assign each person one item, and tell them to click, click, click--quick, quick, quick!

Another great way to prepare for Black Friday is to check your favorite store's website and look for any "sneak peeks" of their ads. I've listed some popular stores below; the possibilities are endless. Don't forget to check your local and regional favorites!

Happy Black Friday shopping!

And remember, Cyber Monday is just around the corner...

Sites That Compare Deals

Online Shopping Black Friday (They're matching store prices!) We have great experience with these guys--super prices, fast shipping, great service, and helpful usr reviews. We use them a lot for video games and home computing stuff.

Specific Stores

JCPenney (store website)






Home Depot

Old Navy

Bath and Body Works

Toys R Us


Barnes & Noble

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