Books on Budgeting

Some of the best personal finance books don't really teach you specifically how to budget. Check out these titles for basic to advanced step-by-step tips on budgeting your hard-earned cash.

And don't forget!--you can save money by borrowing these titles of your local library! If you think you need to keep a title on your bookshelf for future reference, come on back and shop our bookstore.

Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is probably one of the best-selling home budget authors EVER. He has a popular radio show, a regular show on Fox Business Channel, several best-selling books and products, and is often looked to as a personal finance "guru". We were first exposed to Dave Ramsey through his book "Total Money Makeover", which we took out of the library.

I liked the book overall, but found the part about using nothing but cash tough to swallow. Maybe we aren't desperate enough yet, but we used our credit cards for several years to rack up points, keep a nice cushion in our checking account, get merchant protection (which we've actually had to use once or twice), and so on. Of course, we were able to pay our bill every month.

I also didn't find the stories of families who had become debt-free inspiring. Again, maybe it's just me, but comparing myself to others is never anything but depressing. It's good to know it CAN be done, of course, but since everyone's situation is different, it really does me no good to try to be like someone else.

All that being said, the information in the book is straightforward, eye-opening, and terrific motivation to take control of your finances and get out of debt. I love, LOVE Ramsey's "baby steps"! If you're a checklist, "just tell me what to do" kind of person, you'll love this book. Follow Ramsey's advice and you'll be well on your way to establishing financial security.

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